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One day a collector's item? :For this year's"Key to the cure"Breast cancer awareness t shirt for, channeled psychedelic artist, coming up with a swirling cloud sketch on a white long sleeved cotton shirt.It's $35 and will be available next week in stores.Some other charitable fashion options to mark awareness month:Burberry's purple print trench, tote and scarf, new balance's slip on sneakers and estee lauder's pure color crystal lipstick, at department stores.There are many other pink ribbon fashions for sale at cosmetics counters all over town this month.Oct.20.Never gets cold feet:The perpetually sockless came to town last week for macy's passport show, an annual aids research fund raiser and fashion event.Now that he's no longer designing for the paris fashion house of celine, kors is not missing that commute,He says. "I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat, but after the concorde stopped flying, going to paris two times a month was not easy,"He said.The personable designer, who lives in new york's greenwich village to be close to the river("It's as close to a beach house in manhattan as i can get,"He said), is never far from the water in his collections, either.Capri, crete and other sea fronts have all provided the inspiration for his clothes;His shows are a blast of color, luxury and eternal fun in the sun fashions.For the rest of us, though, he's just introduced his new michael collection of classic, wearable work clothes, such as coats and jackets with silver toggle buttons, zebra print trenches and tops;Black leather pencil skirts with white topstitching, diamond patterned sweaters and slim suits. "I'm the last of the mohicans,"He said. "A real sportswear designer. "But he does have a new take on his craft. What he took away from his six years in Paris,He said, was a new interest in the sensual. "The french are all about seduction,"He says. "We americans are too pragmatic, too practical.I will be incorporating a lot more special touches, like embroidery and beading, in my runway collections now.But it will still be sportswear, no matter what.I'm not turning into a ball gown designer any time soon. "Top secret, sort of: The serious sample sale current season's clothing at 75 to 80 percent off retail prices which is a staple in New York and Los Angeles makes its way to San Francisco for the first time with the Billion Dollar Babes sale, an invitation only event in Potrero Hill onOct.16. "We've been hounded for years by women who come down here four times a year for the los angeles sale,"Said co founder. "They begged us to bring it up to san fran. "Oh, there's got to be a catch, and here are two:Hitch no.1:It's not exactly open to everyone.Hitch no.2:You must be a size 8 or smaller, unless you're only in the michael kors bags online uk market for shoes, bags or sunglasses.But it's free.The clothes include overruns from the current season, sample sizes and canceled orders.Designers include, petro zillia, plein michael kors handbag sale sud, oliver peoples eyewear and others. Clothing is arranged on racks by designer, the dressing room is large and communal, there are 60 staffers to help keep the place from looking like a rummage sale gone bad, and there are12 registers. "We are very aware that people hate to wait,"Couch said.If tensions rise, there is always the hosted bar.

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